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In 1994, G Bass Co. as a plumbing, HVAC, and fuel oil delivery service company. Today, G Bass Co. specializes in converting your heating source from oil to gas. If you are thinking about converting oil to gas heating, G Bass Co. can save you thousands by upgrading your energy system. G Bass Co. can help you make the right choice for both your family and your budget.


         Advantages of Natural Gas Heating:



    • Reduce Energy Bills


    • Clean Buring


    • Low Maintenance


    • No Longer Have To Worry About Rising Oil Costs


    • Get More For Your Money With Higher Heating Efficiency


    • Heat Your Domestic Water, For Less!

Convert for Affordability. 



Did you know natural gas has the best energy value compared to propane, electricity, and heating oil?

If you are a homeowner it helps to cut costs where you can.

Own a business? Convert to improve your bottom line and save more.



Some households see more than A 50% decrease

in heating fuel cost when they convert.

Get Clean and Green.

It is not a secret that natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Natural gas also has a highly efficient form of energy with fewer impurities which reduce CO2 emission by at least 27%.

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